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  1. Arts Building

    I was thinking of something that I would want to do for a couple weeks and came up with the idea for an arts studio. If there was a community civic center in North College Hill that allowed people to have access to a computer lab outfitted with the Adobe Creative Cloud and if there was a Large Format Printer and a Framing Station you could generate art work on the computer and print it out to be framed. If it was a non profit and the local businesses funded it and maybe it took up space at the Professional Building on Galbraith Road right there at Hamilton. I would want to see a space where people could express themselves and build their artistic talents. People could come in and take a work of art maybe 1 per person per month or something and if we provided free artwork for people in exchange for funding we could generate a lot of North College Hill Centric Art work. Drawings and Photographs and the such framed. I want to see Art in NCH.

  2. Not Setting Off Fireworks

    If For Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while the United States is at war if we could rescind the use of Fireworks as to people in doors it sounds like war. Thank you.

  3. Tax department open different hours during tax season

    Can tax department hours be extended during tax season. I am unable to get there during their hours without taking some time off from my job. These hours, 8:30-5 is unacceptable as a NCH tax payer to get help for my taxes. Of course I left work early today and guess what? They closed at noon. Not acceptable as a NCH tax payer who is always on time paying taxes.

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