Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is charged with eliminating blight and building safety hazards and promotes building repair and renovation through education and enforcement to protect the public health, safety and quality of life.
  1. Sidewalk Safety Program
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Sidewalks represent a major investment by the citizens of North College Hill and are an important part of a balanced transportation system.

Used by all facets of a diverse pedestrian population that ranges from young to old, physically fit to challenged, they connect our homes, neighborhoods, parks, recreational facilities, schools, churches and businesses. They provide pathways for our elderly and bikeways for our youth.

A safe and aesthetic sidewalk space promotes neighborhood interaction and enhances property values.

Responsibility for constructing and maintaining sidewalk space is shared by property owners and the City.

In cases where the sidewalk space is not properly maintained, Cod. Ord. 539.05 directs that abutting property owners be notified of necessary corrective action. Cod. Ord. 903.06 makes owners of abutting property responsible for funding construction and maintenance relating to sidewalks. 

The City Engineer is responsible for supervising sidewalk construction, reconstruction or repair.

Notice To Repair Condemned Sidewalk Or Driveway

When defective sidewalk is discovered, in a neighborhood inspected for the Sidewalk Safety Program, the abutting property owner will be sent a "Notice of Repair" that identifies the estimated quantity and cost of the required repairs. The property owner is given options to complete the required work within the stated timeframe,or. Once a property has been included in the Sidewalk Safety Program, the only acceptable method to repair condemned concrete is a full-block replacement from joint to joint. Property owners have the following options when repairing a condemned sidewalk or driveway: 

• Hire a Licensed Contractor. 

 • An unlicensed property owner may acquire a permit to replace condemned sidewalk provided the work is performed to City Standards.

  1. Bill Knight

    Code Enforcement Officer

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