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April 17, 2023 11:35 AM


Project Description: Similar project scope and schedule as Prospect Place. GCWW water replacement will impact this schedule. The roadway work should be complete by June, 2024. Engineering planning is in progress, and is expected to be complete by July. GCWW has confirmed that they will be replacing their water main in conjunction with the project, so their plans will be complete approximately one month after the roadway drawings. Pipe supply constraints will impact the construction schedule. We anticipate construction of the water main starting at the end of the year and the total project (water + roadway) being complete by June, 2024.
Project Schedule:
• Roadwork engineering planning – In progress. Expected completion July 2023.
• Water line planning – In progress. Expected completion August 2023.
• Water line replacement & Road work – Not started. Expected commencement end of 2023. Expected completion expected by June 2024.
Project Budget:
• Estimated Total Project Cost: $612,000
• OPWC Grant Amount: $306,000
• OPWC Loan Amount: $306,000

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