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  1. Permit for Basement, Estate, Garage, Yard, Etc. Sale

    The City of North College Hill requires a permit to hold a garage, yard, estate or other such sale at person's residence. The person taking out the permit must be resident of address where the yard sale is taking place. There are no "blanket" permits available for a neighborhood or street sale. Each resident must apply separately. [Ordinance 6-2014.] 

    You may submit this form electronically, or print a copy of this form and deliver it by mail or in person to: 1500 W. Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231. 

    Unsigned or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  2. A single permit can be applied to up to three consecutive sale days (ex. Fri-Sat-Sun).

  3. Permit Fee

    You will need to drop off or mail a check or money order made payable to: The City of North College Hill before the yard sale date. Credit or debit card payments can be accepted by phone by contacting the Finance Office during regular business hours at 513-521-7413 x205 [a 3% administrative fee will apply].

    • $0: 1st Sale This Calendar Year
    • $5: 2nd Sale This Calendar Year
    • $10: 3rd Sale This Calendar Year
    • $25: 4th Sale This Calendar Year
    • $50: 5th Sale This Calendar Year
  4. Sale Advertisement Signs

    By checking the box below, I/we have read and understand that the City of North College Hill EXPRESSLY PROHIBITS affixing signs of any type to trees, rocks or natural formations or public property including but not limited to utility poles, benches, trash containers and parking meters, except as specifically authorized by the Safety/Service Director. Signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way, which includes any area situated between the sidewalk and the street. [NCH Sign Ordinances: 1175.02 and 1175.11] Signs may be placed on private property with the permission of the property owner.

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