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NCH Event Vendor Application

  1. Form Instructions

    Please complete all fields of this application. You will be contacted by a member of the Event Committee to confirm the details of your application. Please keep in mind that Event Committees may include volunteers, so a response to your application may take several days.


    • A "Vendor" means anyone reserving space at an event for any reason.
    • A "Food Vendor" means a food truck, food trailer, caterer, restaurant, or any other food seller subject to Ohio food service licensing.
    • A "Craft Vendor" means a maker of handmade items, including crafts, jewelry, clothing, textiles, soaps, perfumes, refinished used furniture, etc.; or a maker of "cottage" foods not subject to licensing per Chapter 3715 of the Ohio Revised Code (spices, candy, etc.).
    • A "Non-Profit" means an organization exempt from tax according to Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and/or other governmental units (ex. Police Dept), school boards, or civic organizations which are exempt from Ohio sales/use tax.
    • A "Political Organization" means any Candidate or Candidate's committee, representatives of any organization which is campaigning for or against Issues/Tax Levies/Bonds, or any organization that lobbies the government, regardless of tax exempt status.
    • A "Commercial Vendor" means any for-profit business except those defined as a "Craft Vendor" above, including sellers of 3rd party products/direct sales representatives (ex. Avon, Thirty One), professional services for hire (ex. accountant, plumber), etc.


    1. The Event Committee has sole and final discretion as to whether a vendor applicant is, or is not, accepted for participation in an event. Vendors may not be accepted for various reasons, including but not limited to, lack of space, too many vendors of the same type, etc.
    2. For "Food Truck Friday" city-hosted events, only Food Trucks and Food Trailers will be permitted. 
      • Mobile Food Vendor Permit Fee is waived.
      • Participation is free.
      • A valid food service license is required.
      • NO alcohol sales are permitted during Food Truck Friday events.
    3. For "Other" city-hosted  events, any type of vendor may apply, unless the Event Committee has restricted participation (ex. "Non-Profit" vendors only).
      • Mobile Food Vendor Permit Fee is waived.
      • An event booth sign-up fee may apply. If payment is required, you will be invoiced. Payment is due in full by the established due date in order to secure your space. If payment is not received on time, and other arrangements have not been made, your space may be given to another vendor.
      • A valid food service license &/or vendor's license may be required.
      • Alcohol sales may or may not be permitted. (See Terms & Conditions, below.)
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  4. Food Vendor Type

    REQUIRED if "Food Vendor" is selected above.

  5. Terms & Conditions

    1. All Vendorsagree to the following General Terms & Conditions:
      1. Vendor understands that their booth/unit must be operational and ready to receive patrons no later than 15 minutes prior to the designated start time for the event.
      2. If Vendor has not arrived at least 30 minutes prior to the designated start time for the event, their space may be given to another Vendor to avoid having large gaps.
      3. Vendors are responsible for supplying their own personnel, tents, tables, chairs and display items.
      4. Vendors must pre-register prior to the event on or before the designated due date.
      5. Canopies, tents, tarps and umbrellas etc. must fit within the booth/unit's assigned space, must be securely tied down, and all tie downs must be secured with sufficient weights to prevent tipping or shifting.
      6. No electric is provided. Generators are permitted provided that no wiring or cables are run beyond the vending area or pose any danger to patrons.
      7. The use of any music or sound amplification is prohibited, regardless of the intended purpose.
    2. All Vendors selling product of any kindagree to the following Seller's Terms & Conditions:
      1. Prices of all items must be clearly marked and in full view of the customers.
      2. Vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance.
      3. Vendors must submit a copy of their Hamilton County Board of Health Mobile Food Service License &/or Hamilton County Vendor's License to the Recreation Department upon demand.
      4. Food Vendors are not allowed to bring pets.
      5. The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by the event organizers.
    3. Special Terms & Conditions for Food Truck Fridays:
      1. Food Vendor understands that their unit must be operational and ready to receive customers no later than 15 minutes prior to the designated start time for the event.
      2. If Food Vendor has not arrived at least 30 minutes prior to the designated start time for the event, their space may be given to another unit to avoid having large gaps between units.
      3. The sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
    4. Special Terms & Conditions for the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages:
      1. The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is only permitted with expressed written permission of event organizers. 
        [NOTE: Authorization from the NCH Chief of Police may also be required, depending on the nature of the event.]
      2. The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be in accordance with the State of Ohio Division of Liquor Control.
      3. Event organizers reserve the right to restrict the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages to a pre-determined service areas. The sale or consumption outside of the pre-determined service areas is strictly prohibited.
      4. Vendors may not consume alcoholic beverages at any time while setting up, operating or tearing down their booth/unit.
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