Who can Participate?


Your family, class, place of business, social club, scout, nonprofit or church group are most welcome to volunteer together at the same park throughout the year. Let us know how many participants are in your group, and the types of projects you would be most interested in doing together.


If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer outdoors, or if you live in an apartment/condo/dorm and really miss gardening, our Adopt-a-Park might be a perfect match for you! Projects that are great for individuals include weeding gardens, planting annuals, removing invasive vegetation and keeping a general eye on the park. If your project ends up needing more helping hands, we can help recruit neighbors or additional volunteers.


Adopt-A-Park is a great way to encourage civic engagement from our city's youth. Not only are they getting fresh air and exercise, but it builds pride in their community when they see the fruits of their labor every time they pass the park or greenspace. Adult supervision is required. If your group includes youth who are under the age of 18, a ratio of 1 adult to every 10 teens, or 1 adult to every 5 children age 12 and under must be maintained at all times. Some parks projects are unsuitable for children under the age of five.

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