Mayor's Office


Mayor Tracie Nichols began her work in public service for the City of North College Hill in 2012, upon her appointment as Clerk of Council. She devoted several years on Council as a member and as Council President. In 2019, she was elected as the Mayor of the City of North College Hill, and began her first term as our Mayor in 2020.

Mayor Nichols is excited to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding the community. Your voice is appreciated! She can be reached directly via email, or by contacting the City's Administrative Assistant at 513-521-7413, x200.


Dear Residents of North College Hill,

I am extremely excited to be the Mayor of this great City. My intention is to move this City forward by focusing on economic development, strong leadership, engaging residents, and continuing to provide the services they deserve.

Small cities everywhere are facing hard times due to the depletion of budget resources from the State level. City leaders must continue to be creative and consistent during tough economic shortfalls to shelter residents from these hardships and stay steadfast to provide the services that are most important to them. You elected me because you believe I have your best interest in mind. I will work day in and day out to communicate on your behalf.

So far I have begun to address bridging the gap between the residents and the administrative offices to find out their needs and how my offices can be of assistance. I began a task force to address the future of North College Hill's Fire Department and I think of all of you when making decisions for the future of NCH!

I am excited to speak with all of you. I am available after 4:30 pm Tuesday through Thursday by appointment only. Please contact the City Administrative Assistant at 513-521-7413 x200, or email me directly to schedule a conversation.

We live in the best City! I look forward to working with all of you to show all of Ohio we are truly the "Center of it All"!

Mayor Nichols